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Every project brochure nowadays bears a detailed floor plan, marking the spots for kitchen, bathroom and rooms in an apartment. These plans are made available for studio and 1RK flats even as conscious buyers demand to see them. Most of the house floor plans are available on property portals as a separate page or downloadable document. Each room is colour coded to aid property hunters visualise them better.

A lot of buyers rely in floor plans more than pictures of the property or creative visualisations. The floor plan is more concrete as it has numbers backing the design. Buyers can imagine the layout better and also judge whether the apartment is Vaastu compliant or not. Seeing the rooms one beside the other aid them in ascertaining whether it meets their requirements. In fact, many buyers do not consider those properties that do not have a floor plan on offer.

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Photo Courtesy: eplans.com

Here is how a floor plan works better than images or stock modelling.

1. It assists a buyer in visualising how the house looks and whether it is worth the visit. Relative sizes, room flow along with layout are some of the factors that buyers take into consideration. Family buyers in particular would not want to visit sites which do not conform to their needs.

2. The floor plan allows you to visualise the changes that you may want in the property. If you want to remove or put up a particular wall or install an en suite, the floor plan is essential in visualising these changes.

3. Floor plans make a house look larger. When you look at photos, you may overlook a part of the house or not be able to deduce how big it exactly is. This is particularly true for lofts, boxrooms or storage rooms which are not going to be used every day. By looking at the floor plan, it would be hard for you to be omitted and can add perceived value through it.

Despite single floor house plans being essential, there are several ways in which they can deter buyers from considering the property. Some of them are:

1. Absence of measurements- Floor plans are sometimes drawn up without the measurement of rooms which makes it difficult for a buyer to imagine the dimensions. They are also written with the written description of the project which makes it difficult for a buyer to understand and hence it loses its context.

2. A compass market is often missed out of the plan which incapacitates buyers from imagining the garden, front of the house and faces.

3. The overall square footage is often missing which prevents a buyer from comparing a particular property with others. Buyers cannot assess their money’s worth when this essential detail is missing. Nowadays, the numbers of configurations that can be fitted in a particular area are numerous hence knowing the overall square foot area is a must for all homes.

As a buyer, you should look for the best builder floor plans in India, in the property’s brochure and perhaps download it separately to ensure clarity. It would help you take a better decision.