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The much awaited Delhi election is likely to fetch a lot of positive developing features in Delhi. With one of the main agenda of this election to make this city worth of living, Delhi real estate industry plays a crucial role in this. To initiate towards this step, the government need to focus on developing infrastructure, improving the basic amenities and smoothed the legal processes to encourage new projects in Delhi property market as well as buyer’s sentiments to buy those projects. In return , all these steps will also help in improving the current state of property in Delhi.

Here are the few factors which can be fruitful for the Delhi real estate sector.

Strengthening Urban Infrastructure

Photo Courtesy : narendramodi.in

Photo Courtesy : narendramodi.in

In a bid to make Delhi a ‘world’ class city, the urban infrastructure needs a major boost and upgradation in terms of proper water facility, traffic control system, flyovers, free wi-fi along with proper women safety. This measure counts big way in developing in real estate sector in any place. Better arrangements for healthcare, installation of CCTVs for security purpose along with proper transportation facility also add on to these points. If all these factors are taken care of and are implemented, then Delhi can be an ideal choice for prospective buyers, investors and real estate developers.

Regularising of Unauthorised Colonies

In today’s time there are a large number of people who are not able to buy property due to high price range. But as the government has already announced the plan for regularising several unauthorised colonies, prospective home buyers can take a sigh of relief  in terms of the price. Then the regularisation will enable home loans as well in the unauthorised colonies, which will be again beneficial for the buyers to invest in those areas. This initiative will also be a step forward in PM’s vision for ‘Housing for All by 2022. Also, if the norms in property registration are further relaxed and the process is made easier, then nothing can better for the Both parties.

Clean and healthy Delhi

Photo Courtesy : thebetterindia.com

Photo Courtesy : thebetterindia.com

Moreover, extending PM’s another mission to make India clean named as  ‘Swacch Bharat’, the government needs to build effective sewage and drainage system to prevent water logging and to promote hygiene along with waste management and toilets in every home. These are the basic requirements for any buyer to buy their dream home and an essential factor responsible for the growth of real estate sector.

Lastly, it is needless to say that if the government can put an extra effort to look at all these concerns, in order to make Delhi at par with the international standards, then the real estate industry will get a boost and every citizen can have their own home.