‘Green’ seems to be the latest buzz word, in the real estate scenario. Developers are making green homes and green centric complexes. However, basically Green Homes refers to the environment friendly and sustainable homes, which focuses on using environmentally friendly or recycled materials and appliances such as paints and also make use of energy and water efficiently. The main concept of the green homes remains to conserve energy, improve the air quality inside the house and producing less waste. It is also one step forward to keep the planet safe.

What to do?

In order to achieve this you can buy energy-efficient appliances, replacing plastic with paper or using specific kinds of materials which help in balancing the cold and hot air inside the home. These might be a bit on the costly side, but there are a few changes which will not hurt your pocket that much. Making a green home will also lead to some changes in your lifestyle, but the change will be definitely healthier for you and your family.


Starting with lighting, you can replace normal bulbs with LED bulbs. Normal bulbs are responsible for electricity wastage and creates lots of heat, which in turn increases the room temperature and results in more usage of fans and air conditioners. Whereas opting LED bulbs will be a good decision because it saves energy, last longer, creates less heat and saves a lot in your electricity bill.

Basic restructuring

Then you can mount a low-flow toilet as with every flush it helps in saving 12 to 15 liters (approximately) water. Next, you can fit your water taps with an aerator, a great method for water conservation. It basically does not let the water stream splash, saving almost half the water getting wasted during normal  consumption.

Latest House Paint Color
Most of our houses are not equipped with Eco-friendly paints due to lack of knowledge or the high cost involved. But the cheap grade of paints the we usually have in our houses consists of harmful chemicals and other unhealthy constituents, which leads to carious infections and allergies. Thus, you should choose water based paints or those which does not comprise of Volatile Organic Compound  (VOC). These paints nowadays are easily available in any store.

Following these measures that can help to make your home more green friendly and moreover can keep your family healthy and more closer to the nature.